About Us

Operations Essentials is built to bring secure, modern technology to nonprofits around the globe. We believe we can contribute to the impact of every dollar invested and ultimately change the world that by improving operations for all nonprofits.

As a team we bring years of experience working with some of the largest donors and operating nonprofits. Over that time the funding landscape has changed dramatically, demanding more reporting and lower overhead rates. With resilient operations, nonprofits have the strength to sustain and grow in this new landscape.

With that experience and spirit we are determined to help all nonprofits benefit from common, established ways of organizing information, managing risk and confidently taking on more.

To learn more about Zimney & Co., visit us at: zimneycompany.com

Chris Zimney, CEO

Chris Zimney is the CEO of Zimney & Co. For more than 20 years, he has been designing and creating technology products as an entrepreneur and consultant across a range of industries. Since 2006, Chris has focused on customers and products that have a humanitarian focus working with large philanthropic foundations, healthcare systems, and global NGOs.

Shellee Taylor, Strategic Advisor

Shellee Taylor brings over fifteen years’ experience with operational accounting, project management, and consulting experience, specializing in financial system and process transformation. Her previous roles in accounting and technology as a consultant, Controller, and Director of Revenue Accounting and Financial Systems, gives Shellee a broad range of experiences to draw from. She’s always looking for ways to support nonprofits by creatively simplifying and standardizing processes.

Shellee has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington. She is a resident of Seattle, Washington but currently on assignment in Washington, DC as Director, Project and Portfolio Management, COVAX SCO with PATH.