The simplest way to manage your nonprofit

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The simplest way to manage your nonprofit

Spreadsheets alone can’t keep up with the complex demands of funders, directors, project managers and auditors.

Operations Essentials for Nonprofits helps you take control of your information so you can manage your purpose instead of your process.

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Award & Fund Management

Track details of each source of funding providing a complete picture of awards from proposal to close.

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Project & Cost Management

See all of your project work in one place – from project setup to budgeting and reporting. Real-time visibility of project time and expenses means less scrambling at the end of each period.

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Workforce Management

Build a complete picture of how your workers will spend their time and ensure accurate budgeting and planning of labor costs even as they change over time.

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Award & Fund Management

Get a complete picture of awards from proposal to close.

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Award Objectives & Deliverables

Report on how your project work relates to your award objectives. Track the details of your award deliverables to protect your revenue through predictable payment from your funders.

Subawards & Subcontracts

Monitor the progress and completion of your subawards.

Fund Management

Create funds with or without restrictions, establish hierarchies for roll-up reporting and see how funds are associated with project work.

Project & Cost Management

Get control of your work and costs.

Travel, Time & Expenses 

Plan trip costs, make time and expense tracking as painless as possible with rich support for desktop and mobile users.

Budget Management

An accurate and visible financial plan for projects that use awards or funds helps to ensure full project cost recovery. Budgeting for your administrative costs contributes to an accurate view of overhead.

Agreement Management

Track agreement details and attachments associated with other records including awards, projects, cost centers, funders and vendors. Maintain up-to-date vendor information and performance to help manage risk and ensure accurate payments.

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Workforce Management

Ensure accurate budgeting and planning of labor costs.

Screenshot of Worker Snapshot dashboard.

Compensation Planning

Salaries, benefit rates, stipends and other compensation factors make up a complete cost picture of your workers.

Effort Planning

An organization-wide view of how your workers will spend their time takes the guess work out of time tracking and ensures labor costs are covered.

Compliance Management

Ensure your workers are meeting policy, regulatory or training requirements.

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