A simple solution with a simple setup

Just a few steps to get up and running

We offer several options to best serve your organizationߴs needs and capabilities.

Simple Setup

Our team sets up your system with a baseline configuration in a day.

Best for nonprofits that have technical personnel capable of operating the system.

Community Quickstart

A power user from your nonprofit is guided through the setup process with power users from other organizations.

Best for nonprofits with limited technical expertise and a desire to be self-sufficient.

Organizational Quickstart

Up to four power users from your nonprofit work with a member of our team to ensure each participant has working knowledge of the system.

Best for nonprofits with multiple power users that want to dive a little deeper into each functional area.

When a little more help is needed

The design of Operations Essentials for Nonprofits has been informed by years of experience in the nonprofit sector. We can bring that experience to other areas of your organization to ensure your implementation is as successful as possible.

Operational Health Assessment

Identifying the top priorities for improvement can be difficult without an outside perspective. Knowing when and how to use technology to support healthy processes is what we do.

We work with you to evaluate the way you work today and find top opportunities for improvement.

Planning and Implementation

While Operations Essentials for Nonprofits is designed for a simple setup, we recognize each organization has competing priorities and may not have the staff to support all aspects of a project.

We are here to help with scoping, sequencing and implementing the change for your organization.

Customization and Integration

Each nonprofit is unique. You might need a few more records, fields or forms. We can help design customizations and ensure a smooth implementation.

Ensuring accurate information across multiple systems or between collaborators means moving data regularly and reliably. We are here to help ensure you get the most out of your information.

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